Notices to the Professions

Notice to the Professions /
CPR Requirements

Please be advised, the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (the “College”) does not currently require that all registrants hold a valid CPR certificate.

In some employment settings, there may be an employer’s policy which prescribes whether registrants are required to hold a valid CPR certificate. Registrants should check with their employer on this topic.

Based on a registrant’s clinical judgment, there may be situations, especially in isolated practice or practice with high risk individuals, where a CPR certificate may be warranted and advisable even if it is not required by the employer.

Part 10 of the College Bylaws states that all registrants holding a Certified Practice (CP) certificate must have an understanding of emergency and safety procedures applicable to that certificate. It is incumbent on registrants to know whether holding a CPR certificate is required in their practice setting. In some instances, there may be other safeguards in place, such as knowing how to call a Code Blue.

For further information, please contact Mardi Lowe, Director, Quality Assurance & Professional Practice at

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