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CSHBC Launches New Website, Portals, and Logo

The College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC has launched a redesigned website and portals for registrants, applicants, and the public, along with a new logo.

The extensive project to develop the website, portals, and logo dates back to CSHBC’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022, in which the College articulated five strategic goals:

  1. Increase knowledge and understanding of the College
  2. Enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement with key partners
  3. Increase our use of evidence for decision-making
  4. Continue to improve Board governance
  5. Ensure the College is more inclusive and accessible

“CSHBC has made significant progress on the Strategic Plan’s goals by completing this project,” says Cameron Cowper, CSHBC Registrar & CEO. “The new website greatly enhances the College’s ability to communicate in a thorough and timely manner, and the Registrant and Applicant Portals ensure existing and prospective speech and hearing professionals can fulfill the College’s requirements online.”

CSHBC Website

The entirely redesigned CSHBC website enables registrants, applicants, and the public to easily locate information about the College’s programs and processes. The site seamlessly integrates with the new Registrant and Applicant Portals, a revamped Public Register, a Complaint Portal and Form for submitting complaints about registrants and non-registrants, and the College’s Online Courses portal.

The website is also mobile-friendly, enabling all content to be accessible on phones and other mobile devices. “The College is pleased to launch a new CSHBC website that emphasizes usability for registrants, applicants, and members of the public who use the site on all devices,” says Mr. Cowper.

The College will maintain data on usage of the website, and regularly analyze the data to determine if adjustments are needed to the site.

Registrant & Applicant Portals

The new Registrant Portal enables registrants to securely accomplish key tasks online, including renewing registration, reporting Continuing Competency Credits (CCCs) and Practice Hours (to be launched in late 2019/early 2020), updating contact information, and other tasks.

Important: All registrants must activate their account in the Registrant Portal. To do so, click the “Activate now” link on the Registrant Portal homepage.

The new Applicant Portal enables applicants to apply online for registration and, after successfully passing examinations and meeting requirements, register for the first time with the College.

Important: All applicants must activate an account in the Applicant Portal. To do so, click the “Apply now” link on the Applicant Portal homepage. Applicants who have already started the process of submitting their application package will complete the process manually with paper forms.

“The new portals make interactions that registrants and applicants have with CSHBC much more efficient and user-friendly,” says Mr. Cowper.

Public Register

The significantly improved Public Register enables anyone to verify the registration of speech and hearing health professionals. Over time, additional search parameters will be added.

Complaint Portal & Form

Members of the public can submit complaints about registrants or non-registrants by first creating an account in the Complaint Portal and then submitting the complaint in the Complaint Form, or by using the form without an account.

CSHBC Logo, Abbreviation, & Domain Name

A new logo used on the website, portals, and all CSHBC documents, as well as a new College abbreviation (CSHBC) and domain name (, which replaces, give the College contemporary and engaging branding. “The logo emphasizes the unique nature of CSHBC, as the regulator for three distinct health professions,” says Mr. Cowper.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the website, portals, and logo, please send them [email protected].

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