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Notice to the Professions /
COVID-19 (coronavirus): Enhanced Infection Control for Private Clinics that Remain Open

CSHBC registrants are reminded that good infection control procedures are imperative to good client care. In the absence of a public health directive ordering private clinics to close, there are some enhanced procedures that will help limit spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Typical infection control expectations for registrants are contained in the following guidelines:

At this time, extra infection control precautions should include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing all phone messages, including from administrative staff, asking those who are experiencing any illness or symptoms to reschedule when they are feeling better;
  • Including in messaging that clients who arrive and are obviously unwell will be asked to leave the clinic and re-schedule;
  • Creating safe distances between waiting room chairs, including removing some seating;
  • Disinfecting all treatment spaces and waiting areas after every use;
  • Changing standard booking practices so that clients are not back to back and are not waiting for any length of time in waiting areas;
  • Allowing time between clients in order to re-disinfect treatment areas;
  • Where space allows, limiting booking so that one disinfected treatment space is always available should a client arrive early;
  • Exercising extreme caution to protect yourself when treating clients, especially if face to face service is part of the treatment, which may need to include personal protective equipment (PPE) – such as gloves and masks – and more frequent hand washing;
  • Using single use, disposable products where appropriate;
  • Ensuring effective sterilization of equipment where required;
  • Modifying procedures to increase safety, such as extending your elbow to help people to stand rather than extending your hand

Registrants must be alert to any new or updated announcements from the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and public health officials regarding the operation of private clinics. See the BCCDC webpage on infection control. BCCDC has also produced COVID-19 (coronavirus)-specific signage and posters – on hand hygiene, PPE, and other topics – for your healthcare setting. Download signage and posters from the BCCDC website.

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