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Changes to Continuing Competency Credits (CCCs) requirement for registrants with multiple registrations

Under the amended CSHBC Bylaws that came into force June 29, 2020, the Continuing Competency Credits (CCCs) requirement for registrants registered in multiple professions has changed.

As outlined in the Continuing Competency Credits section (159) in the amended Bylaws, when a registrant is registered in more than one profession, in addition to completing and reporting the required 45 CCCs for the first profession before the end of the cycle, the registrant must also complete and report an additional 15 CCCs for a second registration and another 15 CCCs for a third registration.

The current three-year cycle ends December 31, 2021. As the amended CCCs requirement is launching in the middle of the cycle, the Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Committee has approved a pro-rated requirement for the remainder of the cycle. The CCCs requirement for registrants with multiple registrations is being pro-rated for the remainder of this cycle to 5 CCCs for each additional profession.

The CCCs requirement applies to all Full and Non-practising CSHBC registrants. The amended requirement reflects the understanding that practicing each of the three professions regulated by CSHBC involves a different scope of practice and profession-specific knowledge that registrants must stay up-to-date with to ensure public protection. This goes hand-in-hand with the new Practice hours requirement, for ensuring practice currency in all registrations, also included in the amended Bylaws.

For more information about the CCCs and Practice Hours requirements, see the Attaining and Maintaining Practice Competence Standard of Practice (PDF).

For more information about the scope of practice for the audiology, hearing instrument dispensing, and speech-language pathology professions, see the Unique & Shared Scope of Practice Standard of Practice (PDF).

Options for obtaining required CCCs

See the Continuing Competency Credits page for detailed information on multiple options for obtaining required CCCs.

Failure to maintain practice competency requirements

Registrants who have not met their CCCs requirement by December 31, 2021 must submit a deficiency plan to the QAPP Committee for approval on or before January 31, 2022. The plan must detail how the deficiency will be met on or before March 31, 2022. If you require consideration for an accommodation due to extenuating circumstances, contact CSHBC as soon as possible.

Registrants are reminded to retain their CCCs information and proof of completion for one year after the end of the cycle in case they are chosen for audit.

For more information, see the Failure to Maintain Practice Competency Requirements policy (PDF).

About the QAPP program

CSHBC’s Quality Assurance & Professional Practice program consists of five modules:

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