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New protocol clarifies delegation process for non-registrant Industrial Audiometric Technicians performing ear impressions

The College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC (CSHBC) has produced a new protocol document, Delegating Ear Impressions to Non-registrant IATs (PDF). The document clarifies the process for delegating ear impressions to non-registrants, including Industrial Audiometric Technicians (IATs). Information in this document is not new, but amalgamates information and requirements set out in the CSHBC Bylaws, standards, and clinical practice guidelines relating to ear impression procedures.

The College previously revised its communications standards for Communication Health Assistants (CHAs) in August 2019. However, the College continues to receive questions from the public, registrants, IATs, and employers about IATs and their role in taking ear impressions.   

The Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation sets out which restricted activities registrants may perform. In accordance with the Regulation, IATs may take ear impressions:

  • if they are a College registrant; or
  • if they are delegated the service by a Registered Audiologist (RAUD), pursuant to Part 12 of the CSHBC Bylaws.

Where neither apply, an IAT performing ear impressions may be engaging in unlawful practice and may pose a risk to public safety.  

CSHBC Bylaws allow RAUDs to delegate ear impressions to a CHA, where the RAUD is confident that the CHA can perform the service safely and competently. The new protocol (PDF) outlines the process, including considerations for remote supervision, and provides links to other College documents that may assist registrants, non-registrants, and their employers to understand the legal and professional requirements for those taking ear impressions in BC.

Notably, those with WorkSafe BC’s IAT certification do not receive training on ear impressions as part of their WorkSafeBC training. However, they may perform this service if they are also College registrants or are delegated the activity and under the supervision of a RAUD. 

While supervision and delegation may occur remotely, the RAUD must ensure that their delegates are competent to perform the service safely and obtain client consent to the delegation. 

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