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Provincial Health Officer updates order to require BC health regulatory colleges, including CSHBC, to record COVID-19 vaccination status of registrants on an ongoing basis

The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has updated an order that required all BC health regulatory colleges, including CSHBC, to record the COVID-19 vaccination status of registrants by March 31, 2022.

In the amended order, titled Health Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information – June 10, 2022, the March 31 deadline has been removed so that vaccination status collection by the colleges is an ongoing requirement. The order also retains the authority for the PHO and Medical Health Officers to request vaccination status information from colleges.

See the amended PHO order.

For registrants registered by March 31, 2022, no action is required at this time as a result of the amended PHO order.

However, if you did not respond to the request for COVID-19 vaccine information from CSHBC in March 2022, and have since become vaccinated or received an exemption, you can provide proof or vaccination or exemption to CSHBC at any time.

For new registrants registered on or after April 1, 2022, if CSHBC requires information on your vaccination status, you will receive an email with instructions about how to provide proof of vaccination or exemption.

The amended order also:

  • Clarifies the definition of “vaccine card” as it applies to people vaccinated outside of Canada by providing information on what form proof of vaccination may be provided in and what must be included in the text of the proof, whether electronic or in writing.
  • Enables post-secondary institutions to request from health regulatory colleges the vaccination status of registrants applying for admission to, or enrolled in, a health science program. This pertains to students who need to be registered with a college to enroll in a program.

CSHBC will share further information with registrants and the public about COVID-19 vaccination of BC health professionals as it becomes available. 

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