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CSHBC invites Indigenous registrant feedback on the College’s new standard for Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, & Anti-racism

CSHBC is developing the Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, & Anti-racism Standard of Practice. The College is inviting Indigenous registrants to provide feedback on the new standard.

Background to the standard

In July 2021, the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) conducted focus groups and surveys of Indigenous registrants to inform the development of new standards for addressing cultural safety and cultural humility. BCCNM and CPSBC also requested feedback from Indigenous patients through the Patient Voices Network, the First Nations Health Authority, Indigenous health offices of regional health authorities, and others. BCCNM and CPSBC analyzed the data gathered and developed joint standards based on the most common themes and concepts found. The new BCCNM practice standard and CPSBC practice standard were released earlier this year.

On May 19, 2022, the 11 BC health regulatory college signatories to the July 27, 2021, Indigenous Racism in BC Health Care: A Joint Statement of Apology and Commitment to Action, including CSHBC, met. The colleges convened to follow up on the collaborative work undertaken by BCCNM and CPSBC and the commitment to action, and to explore moving forward together with developing a harmonized Standard of Practice on Indigenous cultural safety, cultural humility, and anti-racism.

For more information on CSHBC’s commitment to cultural safety and humility, see the Cultural Safety & Humility page.

Developing the CSHBC standard

With the guidance of Joe Gallagher (Qoqoq Consulting) and Sulksun (Shane Pointe), a First Nations Knowledge Carrier, the colleges have been collaborating with BCCNM and CPSBC to adapt their new practice standards to each signatory’s respective professions. A new CSHBC practice standard on Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, & Anti-racism has been developed, and the College would now like to invite CSHBC registrants who self-identify as Indigenous to participate in a conversation with the College to gain their feedback. Once finalized and approved, the broader registrant base will be canvassed for additional feedback via a registrant survey. The new standard, to be released in Fall 2022, will apply to all registered audiologists, hearing instrument practitioners, and speech-language pathologists in BC.

Feedback CSHBC is looking for from Indigenous registrants

The College is interested to know whether the new standard is clear and easy to understand, whether it sets appropriate expectations for audiologists, hearing instrument practitioners, and speech-language pathologists, and any other comments participants may have.

How Indigenous registrants can provide feedback

CSHBC registrants who self-identify as Indigenous and are interested in providing feedback on the standard are invited to contact the College by emailing [email protected].

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