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CSHBC joins BC Public Advisory Network (BC-PAN) as a college partner

The BC Public Advisory Network (BC-PAN) helps BC’s health regulatory colleges seek public input on important issues related to health regulation. In August 2022, CSHBC joined the BC-PAN as a college partner. 

About BC-PAN

In 2019, several BC health care regulators came together to form the BC-PAN to promote more meaningful public engagement in health care regulation across the province. Prior to the BC-PAN, British Columbia had no coordinated effort to engage the public in regulatory issues.

The BC-PAN operates as a joint initiative between 11 BC health regulators. Following a pilot phase in 2019/2020, the BC-PAN began operations. For more information about the BC-PAN, see the BC-PAN About Us page, which includes a video about the multi-college initiative.

BC-PAN public advisors

BC-PAN public advisors are members of the public who have varying levels of experience with the health care system. They represent different demographics in the population, such as gender, age, ethnicity, and geographic location. The role of the public advisors is to provide feedback on important regulatory issues. The BC-PAN is recruiting for public advisors. If you are interested in becoming a BC-PAN public advisor, please complete and submit the application form.

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