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Substantially updated Jurisprudence course now available in CSHBC’s learning management system

CSHBC has substantially updated the College’s Jurisprudence course. The updated course is now available in CSHBC’s learning management system (LMS).

CSHBC’s general legal counsel reviewed the previous version of the Jurisprudence course and designed a new version incorporating substantive revisions.

The Jurisprudence course is mandatory for new registrants and optional for other registrants. Both new registrants and other registrants who take the course earn three Continuing Competence Credits (CCCs) for completing the course.

The Jurisprudence course, one of four CSHBC online courses, is available to both registrants and Communication Health Assistants (CHAs). Registrants may request access to the course in the LMS for CHAs that they work with by submitting a completed Request for CHA Learning Management System Access form (PDF) to [email protected].

For more information 

If you have any questions about the updated Jurisprudence course or how to access it, please contact CSHBC at [email protected].

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