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Applicants seeking to become a RHIP in BC must apply for and be granted RHIP (Conditional) registration, which replaces HIP Intern status

Effective December 15, 2022, CSHBC no longer accepts applications for HIP Intern status from applicants seeking to become a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP) in BC. Applicants seeking to become a RHIP in BC must now apply for and be granted RHIP (Conditional) registration. HIP Intern status no longer exists in the application process to become a RHIP.

Applicants granted RHIP (Conditional) registration are conditional CSHBC registrants. RHIP (Conditional) registrants:

  • May hold their Conditional registration status for up to two years, during which they may attempt the entry-to-practice examinations up to three times.
  • Must complete a supervised clinical practicum under the supervision of a RHIP holding Full registration.
  • May use the reserved title “RHIP (Conditional).”
  • May not practise independently until all education, practicum, and examination requirements for Full registration have been successfully completed and Full registration as a RHIP has been granted.

For detailed information about becoming a RHIP (Conditional), Canadian-educated applicants should read all of the information under Canadian-educated applicants – Hearing Instrument Dispensing profession (RHIP only) on the Canadian-Educated Applicants page.

Internationally-educated applicants who are audiology graduates applying to become a RHIP should read all of the information under the following:

Applicants should ensure they read documents listed in those sections that specifically cover requirements for RHIP (Conditional) registrants.

The policy change from HIP Intern status to RHIP (Conditional) registration, approved by the CSHBC Registration Committee, enhances protection of the public as it enables more regulatory oversight over applicants to become a RHIP. The change also brings the registration framework for all three professions regulated by the College – audiology, hearing instrument dispensing, and speech-language pathology – into alignment.

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