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CSHBC creates Standards & Legislation section on College’s website

Standards & Legislation

CSHBC has created a Standards & Legislation section on the College’s website to enable registrants, applicants, and others to more easily locate information on regulatory requirements for Registered Audiologists (RAUDs), Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners (RHIPs), and Registered Speech-Language Pathologists (RSLPs).

Standards & Legislation, which is in the site’s main menu visible on every webpage, includes the following pages:

The Standards of Practice page, which includes professional and clinical standards that outline the minimum level of acceptable performance for registrants, was previously located in Registrant Resources.

Registrants have a professional responsibility to be familiar with regulatory requirements outlined on the above pages.

Registrant resources

Registrants should also be familiar with information in the Registrant Resources section, which includes the following pages:

Professional practice information

As part of the CSHBC Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Program, CSHBC Professional Practice Advisors (PPAs) provide professional practice information to registrants to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, and to provide guidance on how standards or practice and related documents can be implemented in practice. To request QAPP professional practice information, contact the College at [email protected].

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