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Certification now requires practice hours reporting as a condition of renewal

Effective April 2, 2024, as a condition of certification renewal, by March 31 of the year a valid Certified Practice (CP) certificate is set to expire, registrants who wish to renew their certification must obtain and report 20 practice hours relevant to the services authorized by the relevant CP certificate. The 20 practice hours for each certification may be part of the total practice hours that are required by all Full registrants.

CSHBC is currently working on implementing a change to the Registrant Portal to enable registrants to report practice hours that are relevant to a specific certification. The College will communicate to registrants when the system change has been completed.

As outlined in subsections 96(1)(a), (b), and (c) of the CSHBC Bylaws, in addition to completing at least 4 hours of Continuing Competency Credits (CCC) as relevant to the services authorized by a certificate, Full registrants applying to renew their certification must also complete the practice hours required by the Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Committee as relevant to the services authorized by the CP certificate.

Important: Registrants obtaining and reporting practice hours and CCCs relevant to the services authorized by a particular certification cannot report any of these same hours or credits to satisfy the renewal requirements for another CP certificate.

Pro-rated practice hour requirement

Given a certification may expire sooner than 3 years from the April 2, 2024, effective date of the prescribed practice hour requirement, the specific practice hour requirement will be determined on a pro-rated basis as outlined below:

Expiration date of CP certificate Minimum practice hour requirement
March 31, 2025
7 practice hours
March 31, 2026
14 practice hours
March 31, 2027
20 practice hours

In addition to reporting a prescribed number of practice hours as a condition of certification renewal, those registrants renewing their CP certificate(s) for the first time (i.e., at the end of the first 3-year cycle of that certification), must report all required practice hours within Category A (Client Services) listed in CSHBC’s professional standard, Attaining & Maintaining Practice Competence (PDF), Appendix B: Eligible Practice Hours. This is to ensure registrants who are providing aspects of practice specific to higher risk activities gain direct clinical recency of practice during the first 3 years of holding that certification.

Registrants who have held the certification for greater than 3 years may report their prescribed practice hours in any of the categories listed in the Attaining & Maintaining Practice Competence standard.

Registrants intending to renew their certification must also continue to meet the following 3 conditions at the time of certification renewal:

  • Hold Full registration classification;
  • Make the required declarations, including declaring continued provision of the services authorized by the certificate1; and
  • Complete and report a minimum of 4 CCCs relevant to the area of practice pertaining to that certificate.

When and how to report certification renewal requirements

All RAUDs, RHIPs, and RSLPs that intend to renew their certification(s) must report their certification renewal requirements in the CSHBC Registrant Portal on or before March 31 of the year the CP certificate expires.

About certification and CP certificates

Certification, or certified practice (CP), refers to areas of practice that require education, knowledge, skills, and clinical judgment that exceed the foundational, entry-to-practice requirements. High-risk, above entry level areas of practice that require certification are prescribed in the Speech & Hearing Health Professionals Regulation and the CSHBC Bylaws.

For more information

Questions about certification should be sent to [email protected].

1From the registrant portal dashboard, click on “Certified Practice Renewal”, select the relevant certificate, click ‘Yes” to renew, then make the required declarations.

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