Temporary Applicants

Temporary Applicants

The CSHBC Bylaws include a renewable Temporary registration classification.

Important: Under section 67 of the Bylaws, the Registration Committee imposes limits and conditions on all temporary registrants. The Temporary registration classification is restricted to education and training purposes only and is not intended for general practice.

Temporary registration is granted for up to 90 days. To renew Temporary registration, contact [email protected] well in advance of the registration’s expiry date.

Temporary registrants aren’t eligible to apply for Certified Practice Certificates, can’t serve on the CSHBC Board of Directors, and can’t vote in CSHBC Board elections.

See the Temporary Registration policy (PDF).

Application steps for Temporary registration

  • Canadian – Those regulated in Canadian jurisdictions must submit an online application form via the Applicant Portal and select the applicable temporary registration.
  • International – Those regulated in international jurisdictions should contact CSHBC by email at [email protected] for a step-by-step process for submitting temporary registration applications.

Canadian applicants for Temporary registration:

To apply, have the documents listed below ready, create an account in the CSHBC Applicant Portal, and follow the step-by-step instructions in the Applicant Portal.

The following non-refundable fee is payable at application for registration:

  • Criminal Record Check fee: $28

All applicants must provide authorization to undergo a Criminal Record Check (CRC) as part of the temporary registration process. Applicants must cover the cost of their own CRC. CSHBC is statutorily required to collect this fee on behalf of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and does not retain any of these funds. For more information on CRC, please see Criminal Record Check for Applicants

If an applicant’s current jurisdiction originates outside British Columbia or Canada, the applicant must also provide a Criminal Record Check from that jurisdiction.

Upon approval of your application for registration, the following fee is payable: Initial registration fee: $100. Pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or debit card (Visa) in the Applicant Portal.

Applicants must be registrants in good standing in their profession in another jurisdiction (Canadian or International), in a manner acceptable to the CSHBC Board of Directors. Acceptable jurisdictions are ones where the profession is regulated in line with the following criteria:

  • There is law or governmental statute establishing the regulation of the profession in that jurisdiction.
  • There is a dedicated body or department that regulates the profession.
  • The body or department sets and enforces requirements for entry to the profession.
  • The body or department sets standards of practice for its registrants.
  • The body or department has a mechanism for enforcing standards.

However, if some but not all criteria are met, the Registration Committee may still assess the application for Temporary registration. These assessments are completed on a case by case basis.

Applicants show their good standing in the relevant jurisdiction by providing a Verification of Registration. This is a letter or certificate dated within 60 days of the date of the application, which specifies the details of any cancellation, suspension, limitation, or conditions on entitlement to practise, and any investigation, review, or proceeding that could lead to one of these outcomes.

Verifications of Registration may be sent to the College by email, so long as they come directly from an authorized individual at the regulatory body in question.

To provide proof of eligibility to work in Canada, applicants must upload a copy of one of the following documents in the Applicant Portal when applying:

In line with the English Language Proficiency Requirements policy (PDF), certain applicants are exempted from completing English Language testing. However, if you are not exempted, you must complete a TOEFL (iBT), IELTS (AC or GT), or OET (Speech-Language Pathology only) English test and meet the following minimum test scores:




TOEFL internet Based Test (iBT), or the TOEFL iBT Home EditionIELTS (Academic or General), or IELTS Online (Academic)Occupational English Test (OET) (Speech Pathology version), Paper-based Only

Required minimum scores

Speaking: 26

Listening: 26

Reading: 22

Writing: 24

Speaking: 7.5

Listening: 8

Reading: 7.5

Writing: 7.5

Speaking: B (395)

Listening: A (450)

Reading: B (395)

Writing: B (395)

Arrange to have your English language proficiency scores sent directly to CSHBC. Successful completion of one of the approved tests must be no more than two years before the date of application to CSHBC.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements outlined above will be required to successfully meet the minimum standards before the application for registration can be submitted to the Registration Committee.

As part of their online application form, applicants for Temporary registration must complete the following declaration:

I understand that pursuant to section 151 of the CSHBC Bylaws, as a registrant of CSHBC, I must at all times maintain insurance that (i) is in the amount of at least $2,000,000 per claim and in a form satisfactory to the Board, and (ii) covers me and any non-registrant to whom I delegate an aspect of practice, against liability arising from an error, omission, or negligent act that occurs in the practice of my profession. (YES/NO)

Applicants will also need to declare whether their professional liability insurance is covered by their employer, whether they have obtained their own professional liability insurance, or whether they do not currently have the required insurance. If applicants do not have the required insurance at the time of submitting their application, they may provide updated information about their insurance at a future time. Note that no application may be approved without confirmation that the required insurance is in place.  

Employers such as health authorities, school districts, and other government agencies typically have insurance in place for their employees that meets CSHBC’s requirements. Applicants must check the details of any insurance provided by their employer and confirm that it meets these requirements. If it does not, they must obtain their own professional liability insurance. Note that CSHBC does not provide insurance advice or recommend insurers to applicants or registrants; this is outside of the scope of the College’s role as a regulatory body.

Applications may be standard or non-standard.

Standard applications are very clear that each of the registration requirements set out in the CSHBC Bylaws and policy are met. Non-standard applications are where it is less clear that one or more of the registration requirements is met. For more information on standard or non-standard applications, visit Non-standard Applications & Registration Committee Review.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for Temporary registration, applicants must be authorized to practise their profession as the equivalent of a Full CSHBC registrant in their other jurisdiction (see the “Other Registration” section, above).

Once applicants become a Temporary registrant, they must comply with all CSHBC standards of practice, with their practice subject to any limits and conditions the Registration Committee imposes.

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