Notices to the Professions

Notice to the Professions /
New and Revised Standards for Communication Health Assistants

The standard of practice for the delegation and assignment to Communication Health Assistants (CHAs) (PDF) has been updated and approved by the CSHBC Board. It now includes examples of what may and must not be delegated to CHAs. There is also a new standard of practice entitled, Communication Health Assistants (Education, Training, & Competence) (PDF). There is a companion clinical practice guideline under development for establishing and verifying CHA competencies.

The standard of practice on CHA Education, Training, & Competence outlines the various categories of CHAs and what they are educated and trained to do. It is incumbent on registrants to know the level of education, training, and competence of any support personnel that they are delegating or assigning work to.

The College has learned that Industrial Audiometric Technicians (IATs) authorized under WorkSafeBC are being used to provide ear impressions in some situations. The IAT course at BCIT does not prepare graduates to perform ear impressions. The use of a substance in the ear canal, that subsequently solidifies, is a restricted activity under the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation provided only to Registered Audiologists (RAUDs) and Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners (RHIPs). It is unauthorized practice for IATs to perform ear impressions and is not listed on the WorkSafe authorization process online resource. 

RAUDs may delegate ear impressions to a CHA, if the CHA is adequately trained and under the supervision of the registrant. RHIPs must not delegate this aspect of their practice to a non-registrant.

If a registrant (RAUD or RHIP) is also trained as a WorkSafe BC IAT, they may perform ear impressions; however, this is an authorization resulting from their registration with the College, not their IAT certificate.

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