Speech-Language Pathology Examinations

Entry-to-practice examinations currently approved by CSHBC as part of the pathway to become a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP) are:

  • The Praxis Examinations for speech-language pathology (Praxis Exam 5331), administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS); and
  • The Canadian Entry-to-Practice (CETP) Examinations for speech-language pathology, administered by Speech-language & Audiology Canada (SAC).

Applicants have a choice of taking either the Praxis or CETP exam, and they must pass one of the exams to be granted Full registration.

Praxis Exam


  • Candidates may register for the Praxis Exam by following the instructions set out in the CSHBC Praxis Test Registration Guidance (December 28, 2020) (PDF) that ETS has prepared for CSHBC’s examination candidates. In addition to the instructions provided in this document, applicants and Conditional registrants should note the following:
    • When creating your ETS-Praxis account, you will see a “Social Security Number” field. You can leave this field empty.
  • During the registration process, you will be able to register for taking the speech-language pathology exam as a home exam, with live monitoring by an online proctor, or at a test centre. See the Praxis at Home Testing page for information about the process and requirements for taking exams at home. IMPORTANT: home testing is currently available in Canada and the US only. However, you may take the exam in person at many testing centres worldwide, including two in BC (Vancouver).

Sending previously obtained Praxis scores to CSHBC

If you passed the current Praxis Exam for speech-language pathology (examination code 5331) prior to CSHBC’s approval of these exams in September 2020, and wish to use the results in your application, you can request that ETS send an “additional score report” to CSHBC at a cost of $50 (US). For information, see:

Exam preparation

ETS offers preparation materials for each exam such as a study companion, study plan, interactive practice test (for purchase), and other materials.


Exam enrollment and sitting dates can be found on the Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) website.

CSHBC is working with SAC to confirm the examination registration process for BC candidates. This information will be posted on the CSHBC website as soon as it is available. In the meantime, prospective CETP Exam candidates can read more about the exams on the SAC website

Information for all exams

Submitting proof of passing

You must arrange to have your proof of passing sent directly from the examination administrator to CSHBC. Alternatively, you may have another regulatory body for speech and hearing health professionals send CSHBC your examination results, as long as that regulatory body received these results directly from the examination administrator.

Conditional registration

If you do not have proof of passing one of the above-mentioned examinations, you must apply for the Conditional registration classification and practice under general supervision until you have passed an approved examination. Applicants for Conditional registration classification must secure a practice supervisor, who must be a Full CSHBC registrant of the same profession in good standing. You will be asked to provide your supervisor’s registrant details as part of the online application process in the Applicant Portal.

Examination attempts

As specified in section 69 of the CSHBC Bylaws, both applicants and Conditional registrants are permitted a maximum of three attempts at the relevant CETP or Praxis Exam, regardless of the exam or combination of exams they choose to attempt. An applicant must complete all attempts within two years from the date of the applicant’s initial application.

For more information

For further information regarding current CSHBC examination requirements, examination day accommodations, improper conduct during an examination and examination discrepancies, examination attempts and failures, and other aspects of entry-to-practice examinations, it is important that applicants review the Entry-to-Practice Examination Requirements Policy (PDF).

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