Strategic Plan 2023-2026

WHY we do what we do:

Every person deserves safe, family- and person-centered, ethical, inclusive, and competent care from speech and hearing health professionals licensed in British Columbia.

WHAT we do:

We fulfill our purpose by:           

  • ensuring anyone holding a professional license:
    • understands the public expectations and accountability of being a regulated health professional
    • meets the minimum academic requirements at registration
    • has access to clear standards of professional and clinical practice
    • maintains an expected level of professional and clinical competence and engages in ongoing professional development over the lifespan of their career
  • creating a safe process to receive complaints, investigating the complaints in a fair and transparent manner, and taking the action necessary to reduce risks to the public
  • enhancing the quality of care by working with system partners to foster inter-professional collaborative practice, reduce systemic risks, eliminate systemic racism, and improve regulatory effectiveness. 

HOW we do what we do:

In all our work as a regulator of multiple health professions, we honour the trust the public has put in us to fulfill our mandate. To do this,

  • we believe in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the regulation of health professionals, which means being person and family-centered in our approach and customizing our work to meet people where they are
  • we believe in upholding the rights of Indigenous Peoples as set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) by understanding these rights, recognizing impacts of settler colonialism, practicing cultural safety and humility, addressing Indigenous-specific racism, and creating regulatory pathways for Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • we believe in being proactive by engaging the public, government, registrants, and other partners to understand their changing expectations to better meet their needs
  • we believe in seeking and applying evidence to inform our decision-making
  • we believe in openly sharing our knowledge, experience, and learning with our partners
  • we believe we have an obligation to share our experience as a multi-professional regulator to inspire and foster broader system collaboration
  • we believe in collaborating with system partners, including other regulators, to promote inter-professional practice and maximize our collective impact
  • we believe in the Right-Touch Regulation principles of being proportionate, agile, targeted, consistent, accountable, and transparent when we make regulatory decisions and when we design and implement regulatory policy and processes.

College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia

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