Unlawful Practice & Unlawful Use of Title

Unlawful practice & unlawful use of a reserved title

CSHBC takes the unlawful practice of audiology, hearing instrument dispensing, or speech-language pathology very seriously. Unlawful practice or unlawful use of a reserved title are subject to legal action.

Anyone providing services within the regulated scope of practice of a Registered Audiologist (RAUD), Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP), or Registered Speech-Language Pathologist (RSLP) in BC, who does not hold the required registration status with CSHBC, and is not being supervised by a registrant pursuant to Part 12 of the College Bylaws, is breaking the law. Performing aspects of practice reserved for these regulated health professionals is unlawful practice.

Use of the titles outlined in the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation — “audiologist”, “hearing instrument practitioner”, “speech-language pathologist”, or “speech therapist” — without a valid CSHBC registration is unlawful use of a reserved title. See Reserved Titles for more information.

Instances that constitute unlawful practice and/or unlawful use of title:

  • Non-registrants performing restricted activities as set out in the regulated scopes of practice of audiology, hearing instrument dispensing, or speech-language pathology in BC, or using a restricted title.
  • Registrants who fail to renew their registration, and become non-registrants, but continue to practise after their registration has been cancelled.
  • Registrants who practise a restricted activity without the required Certified Practice certificate, including registrants who have failed to renew their Certified Practice certificate but are continuing to perform those certified activities.
  • Non-practising, Temporary, or Conditional registrants who fail to identify themselves as such and therefore present themselves as Full registrants. See Reserved Titles for more information. 

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