Application for Consent of Corporate Name

Application for Consent of Corporate Name

The College’s consent is required if any of the reserved title(s) or language below are requested to be used as part of a business name:

  • “Audiology”
  • “Audiologist”
  • “Audiometric”
  • “Audiometry”
  • “Speech”
  • “Speech therapist”
  • “Speech-language” 
  • “Speech-language pathologist”
  • “Hearing Instrument Practitioner”
  • “Hearing Aid”

Registrants, and non-registrants making requests on behalf of registrants, seeking to use a reserved title(s) or language requiring the College’s consent must apply to the College as part of the BC Name Registry application process.

By reviewing applications and issuing consent to use a reserved title(s) in a business name, the College is acting in line with its public protection mandate, set out under the Health Professions Act.  By protecting reserved titles for exclusive use of registrants of the College, the College seeks to ensure that the public can differentiate between regulated and unregulated healthcare professionals.  The College also seeks to ensure that the public is not mislead or confused by business names relating to registrants and the services that they provide within their professional scope of practice.

While non-registrants may make a request to use a reserved title(s) on behalf of a registrant, the above-noted terms are reserved for the exclusive use of registrants of the College.  In cases where a non-registrant is seeking to use an above-noted term which is reserved for the exclusive use of registrants of the College, the College may allow use where services being provided are clearly out-of-scope of the practice of registrants of the College, and where use of such term would not imply or suggest registration with the College.  For example, Jane Smith’s Political Speech Writing Company or John Smith’s Dog Behaviour and Canine Speech Therapy Services may be acceptable, depending on the scope of services provided.

Application Process for Registering a Business Name

STEP 1 – Register a Business Name with BC Registry 

Applicants must go to BC Registries and Online Services to reserve their proposed business name.

The following criteria should be considered when choosing a proposed business name:

  • the name cannot be identical or so closely resemble the name of another business name that is likely to confuse or mislead the public
  • the name cannot be offensive or objectionable on public grounds; and
  • the name must comply with the College’s bylaws on marketing and advertising (see CSHBC Bylaws, Part 13, sections 152-155)

If the proposed business name is accepted, the BC Registry Services will issue a “Results of Name Request” document to the applicant.  The business name will be reserved until a specified date during which the applicant can apply to the College for consent to use that name.

STEP 2 – Obtain Consent from the College 

If your proposed business name uses reserved terms or terms that imply registration in a profession regulated by the College, you will be required to apply to the College for consent to use that name. 

To obtain consent from the College:

The College will review the business name consent request using the criteria above.  If consent is granted, the College will provide an approval letter by email which the applicant can provide to BC Registry Services.  

Registrants must always maintain current contact information in the Registrant Portal (see CSHBC Bylaws, section 81) and must update any changes in their business name or employment information in the Registrant Portal.

Health Professions Corporations 

Part 4 of the Health Professions Act does not apply to the College, the College only regulates registrants and not corporations.  Therefore, the College does not require registrants to obtain a permit or to set up a health professions corporation pursuant to Part 4 of the Health Professions Act, unlike other regulated health professionals in BC.  

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