Our Regulatory Role

The College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (CSHBC) is a regulatory body that exercises authority delegated by the provincial government through BC’s Health Professions Act (the “Act”). As mandated by the Act, CSHBC regulates three professions – audiology, hearing instrument dispensing, and speech-language pathology – in the public interest to ensure that Registered Audiologists (RAUDs), Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners (RHIPs), and Registered Speech-Language Pathologists (RSLPs) in BC deliver safe, ethical, and effective care.

How CSHBC’s role as a regulator differs from the role of a professional association or labour union

As a regulator, CSHBC’s role is separate and distinct from that of a professional association or a labour union. To be an effective, transparent, and impartial regulator, it is important that CSHBC does not step outside of its regulatory duties as prescribed by the Act and into the work of a professional association or a union.

Regulator Professional Association Labour Union
Registration is mandatory in order to practise
Membership is optional
Membership is generally mandatory
“Registrant” refers to those licenced and regulated by the regulator
“Member” refers to those who the association acts to support
“Member” refers to those who the union acts to support
Regulators are accountable to the general public
Professional associations are accountable to their members
Labour unions are accountable to their members
Neutral and impartial, acting in the public interest
Advocates for the profession(s) and acts in the interest of its members
Advocates for and acts in the interest of its members

Key functions:

  • Setting and enforcing:
    • entry-to-practice requirements
    • professional and clinical standards of practice
    • requirements for continuing competence (quality assurance & professional practice)
  • Maintaining a public register of those authorized to practise
  • Ensuring members of the public can submit complaints, and taking action when needed
  • Taking action against non-registrants engaging in unlawful practice and unlawful use of restricted titles
May have the following functions:
  • Advocating for issues that impact the professions
  • Advocating for opportunities for practitioners to engage in policy development
  • Providing education and professional development opportunities
  • Providing networking opportunities

May have the following functions:
  • Working to protect and enhance the health, social, and economic wellbeing of its members
  • Negotiating collective agreements

The following activities do not fall under CSHBC’s role as a regulator:

  • Regulating clinics and corporations – CSHBC has jurisdiction over individual practitioners only
  • Issuing orders and directives to individuals or businesses – only the provincial or federal government can take such actions
  • Promoting the interests and objectives of professional associations and unions – such as providing professional development opportunities to its registrants, and advocating for increased compensating rates and/or employer human recourse issues
  • Teaching courses – Despite the word “College” in its name, CSHBC is not an educational institution


College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia

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