Public Notices – Non-Registrants

The College takes instances of unlawful practice and unlawful use of a reserved title very seriously. For more information, see Making a Complaint About Unlawful Practice & Unlawful Use of a Reserved Title. Sometimes, such cases can lead to the College taking legal action against those engaging in such activity, including seeking injunctive relief via the courts and/or conducting a search and seizure of a non-registrant’s premises under court order. The College provides notice to the public about such outcomes.

Gregory Mistal, Non-Registrant (Former RAUD and RHIP)Unlawful Use of a Reserved TitleMay 26, 2023
Nagwa Yacoub, Non-Registrant (Former RSLP)Unlawful Use of a Reserved TitleMarch 1, 2023
Anthony Wang, Non-RegistrantUnlawful PracticeMay 8, 2019
Anthony Wang, Non-RegistrantUnlawful PracticeDecember 2, 2016

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