Public Notices – Non-Registrants

Members of the public have the right to know if they are seeking or receiving services from a regulated health professional. The College takes instances of unlawful practice and unlawful use of a reserved title very seriously. For more information, see Making a Complaint About Unlawful Practice & Unlawful Use of a Reserved Title. Sometimes, such cases can lead to the College taking legal action against those engaging in such activity, including seeking injunctive relief via the courts and/or conducting a search and seizure of a non-registrant’s premises under court order. The College provides notice to the public about such outcomes.

Anonymous, Non-registrantsUnlawful PracticeJune 23, 2023
Gregory Mistal, Non-Registrant (Former RAUD and RHIP)Unlawful Use of a Reserved TitleMay 26, 2023
Nagwa Yacoub, Non-Registrant (Former RSLP)Unlawful Use of a Reserved TitleMarch 1, 2023
Anthony Wang, Non-RegistrantUnlawful PracticeMay 8, 2019
Anthony Wang, Non-RegistrantUnlawful PracticeDecember 2, 2016

In addition to the above, where a person is not registered with the College but may be providing speech and hearing health services in another jurisdiction or in British Columbia, the College may request that they confirm they will not provide speech and hearing health services in BC. The following persons have voluntarily provided this commitment:

  • Shaghayegh Sharifi

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