Board Roles & Responsibilities

Board Roles & Responsibilities

The CSHBC Board is the College’s policy-making and governing body. The Board must govern CSHBC in accordance with the Health Professions Act, its regulations, and the CSHBC Bylaws.

The Board’s fundamental role is to ensure that CSHBC carries out its mandate to protect the public.

The Act and the College Bylaws also impose a number of specific requirements on the Board, including reporting to the Minister of Health after each fiscal year and appointing an auditor for CSHBC’s annual financial statements.

In addition to their Board duties, Board members are asked to to attend the Public Engagement Forum.

The Board does not govern administrative/operational matters, as this is the role of the Registrar & CEO and staff.

Board composition

The Board currently consists of 12 members: four RSLPs, two RAUDs, and two RHIPS who are elected by the three professions for a three-year term (with a three-term maximum), and five public representatives appointed by the provincial government for varying terms of either one, two, or three years in length.


Board members are expected to commit to the full length of their term and must be available to meet approximately four times per year in person (generally for a full day) and to prepare in advance of these meetings by reviewing materials. 

Board members are required to take an Oath of Office prescribed by the Minister of Health.

Board members are remunerated in accordance with the Honoraria & Expense Claims policy (PDF) for Board and committee members. However, it is not intended to fully replace any lost or foregone income.

For more information

Board Duties and Responsibilities (PDF) are set out in policy.

Board Competency & Experience Matrix (PDF)

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