CSHBC has four regulatory committees and five advisory committees that support CSHBC’s mandate in specific areas. The College’s committees are comprised of public representatives, elected Board members, and Full or Retired RAUD, RHIPs, and RSLPs. See the CSHBC Committee Framework (PDF).

Current vacancies on CSHBC committees are listed on the CSHBC Opportunities page. If you are interested in participating on CSHBC committees, please complete the CSHBC Expression of Interest form (PDF) and submit the completed form to the College.

Regulatory Committees

Advisory Committees

Regulatory Committees

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee hears and determines any matters that have been forwarded to it by citation from the Inquiry Committee. The Discipline Committee strikes a panel of three or more people to sit for each discipline hearing.

Wendy Duke, RSLP
Christy Faraher-Amidon, RSLP, Reserve
Suzanne Kornhass, RAUD, RHIP
Anne MacCallum, RSLP, Reserve
David Roberts, RHIP
Jocelyn Stanton, Public Representative
Douglas Steventon, Public Representative

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee processes complaints regarding the conduct and competence of registrants. The Health Professions Act and the College Bylaws provide the Committee with a mandate to: investigate registrants for contraventions of the Act, CSHBC Bylaws, and standards; and impose limits or conditions under the Act or Bylaws. In addition, the Inquiry Committee can also initiate investigations on its own.

Blaine Bomak, RHIP
Karen Derry, RSLP
Charles Fontaine, RAUD, RHIP
Kevin Frew, RSLP
Christine Harrison, RAUD
Lesley Lee, RAUD, RHIP
Jack MacDermot, Public Representative
Dan Miller, Public Representative, Chair
Marilyn Noort, RSLP
Richard Walker, Public Representative
Dave Williams, Public Representative

Quality Assurance & Professional Practice Committee

The Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Committee provides oversight of the College’s QAPP program and monitors the ongoing competency of Full registrants – for both entry-to-practice and certified practice levels, as well as the re-entry to the professions of Non-practising registrants wishing to return to Full status. The Committee is responsible for overseeing all modules of the QAPP program, including continuing competency credits, practice hours, practice reviews, and certified practice certificates. QAPP is also responsible for developing standards of professional practice; clinical practice guidelines, policies, and protocols; examination and practice certification program content; client relations; and practice consultation support, including advisory notices to the professions, as well as QAPP program audits (e.g. continuing competency credits and practice hours).

DeAnn Adams, Public Representative
Susan Batstone, RSLP
Karen Bernauer, Public Representative
Jamie Hack, RSLP, Chair
Leigh Ingram, RAUD, RHIP
Sue Murphy, Public Representative
Louise Parton, RHIP (Ret.)
Susan Thacker, RAUD, RHIP
Jon Waterhouse, RHIP

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee oversees the process of becoming a registrant of CSHBC, including policy related to the administration of registration examinations. The Committee makes approval decisions about applications for registration and certified practice certificates, as well as registration-related decisions related to continuing competency credit and practice hour deficiencies, in accordance with the Health Professions Act and the College’s Bylaws.

Susan Batstone, RSLP, Chair
Jane Baynham, Public Representative
Christy Faraher-Amidon, RSLP
Leigh Ingram, RAUD, RHIP
Jack MacDermot, Public Representative
Thelma O’Grady, Public Representative
Kathy Pereira, RAUD, RHIP
Martin Sattler, RHIP
Jon Waterhouse RHIP

Advisory Committees

Certified Practice Advisory Committee

The Certified Practice Advisory Committee (CPAC) is an advisory committee of the Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Committee. The CPAC reviews all applications for certified practice certificates and makes approval recommendations to the Registration Committee.

Caroline Chow, RSLP
Dr. Eytan David, ENT
Kathy Pereira, RAUD, RHIP, Chair
Tracy Marshall, RSLP
Maryam Merali, RHIP
Martin Sattler, RHIP
Amy Trusler, RAUD, RHIP

Communication Health Assistant Advisory Committee

The Communication Health Assistant Advisory Committee (CHAAC) is an advisory committee of the Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Committee. The CHAAC provides recommendations and input to the QAPP on issues related to support personnel (i.e. Communication Health Assistants) for the three professions.

Sarah Barnes, RAUD, RHIP
Deirdre Coleman, RSLP
Dreena Davies, RAUD, RHIP
Cheryl Lane Slobodian, RAUD, RHIP
Alyse McNair, CHA
Ashley McNolty, CHA
Maryam Merali, RHIP
Martin Sattler, RHIP, Chair
Riddhi Thaker, RSLP
Krystal Tie-So, CHA

Examination Advisory Committee

The Examination Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of the Registration Committee, responsible for overseeing the entry-to-practice examinations for all three of the professions CSHBC regulates, and administering the College’s practical examination for the hearing instrument dispensing profession.

Garth Foote, RSLP
Rahim Ghanbari, RAUD, RHIP
Leigh Ingram, RAUD, RHIP
Suzanne Kornhass, RAUD, RHIP, Chair
Maryam Merali, RHIP
Csaba Redey-Nagy, RSLP
Joan Richardson, RAUD, RHIP
Martin Sattler, RHIP
Estephanie Sta. Maria, RAUD, RHIP

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee supports the CSHBC Board’s mandate by identifying and addressing financial risks and issues, ensuring reliable and relevant financial reporting, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations. The Committee reviews quarterly financial statements, budgets, and forecasts, as well as auditors’ reports. The Committee advises the Board and the Registrar & CEO on financial matters.

Charles Fontaine, RAUD, RHIP
Dan Miller, Public Representative
Shelby Thiessen, Public Representative
Jon Waterhouse, RHIP 

​Governance Advisory Committee ​

The Governance Advisory Committee develops and recommends to the Board best practices and effective approaches to Board development and orientation; performance reviews and evaluations for the Registrar, Board Chair and Vice-Chair, Board members, committee chairs, and committee members; committee appointments; preferred Board and committee member competency frameworks and evaluation tools; and strategic planning.

Charles Fontaine, RAUD, RHIP, Chair
Jamie Hack, RSLP
Parveen Mangat, Public Representative
Dan Miller, Public Representative
Jon Waterhouse, RHIP

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