Professional Liability Insurance

Under section 151 of CSHBC’s Bylaws, all Full, Conditional, Temporary and Temporary (teaching) registrants must at all times maintain professional liability insurance that (i) is in the amount of at least $2,000,000 per claim and in a form satisfactory to the Board, and (ii) covers the registrant and any non-registrant to whom they delegate an aspect of practice, against liability arising from an error, omission or negligent act that occurs in the practice of their profession. 

When renewing their registration, registrants must submit a declaration confirming they have the required insurance in place. If they do not have the required insurance, they will be unable to renew their registration.

Non-practising registrants applying to convert back to Full registration status will also need to submit a declaration confirming they have the required insurance. If they do not, their status change application will not be approved.

Note that employers such as health authorities, school districts, and other government agencies typically have insurance in place for their employees that meets CSHBC’s requirements. Registrants are responsible for checking the details of any insurance provided by their employer and confirming that it meets these requirements. If it does not, they must obtain your own professional liability insurance. Note that CSHBC does not provide insurance advice or recommend insurers to registrants; this is outside of the scope of the College’s role as a regulatory body.

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