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CSHBC publishes new certification program and application for Certified Practice (CP) Certificate G

In keeping with CSHBC’s role in ensuring adherence to current practice standards, substantive changes have been made to the certification program and application for Certified Practice (CP) Certificate G: Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis Assessment & Management. Since this certification program was developed more than seven years ago, there have been significant changes in practice. The substantive changes now reflect current practice, terminology used in the literature, and expansion of devices and attachments available to clients requiring tracheoesophageal voice restoration assessment and management. 

CSHBC recognizes acquiring the knowledge and completing the learning experiences in this certification program takes considerable time and effort. As some registrants may currently be part way through their program for Certificate G, a three-month grace period will be introduced as part of the phasing out of the previous program:

  • Those who anticipate completing the program within the next three months may submit the previous Certificate G program when applying for the certificate.
  • Those who have only recently begun the certification program and/or anticipate it will be significantly greater than three months to achieve all objectives, will need to complete and submit the new version of this program.

Information pertaining to the professional and clinical practice standards relevant to certified practice can be found within the Supervision (PDF) and Certified Practice & Above Entry Level Practice (PDF) standards.

If you are supervising a registrant during their training process or are currently in training for this CP certificate and have questions regarding the introduction of the new certification program and application, please contact CSHBC at [email protected].

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