Certified Practice

CSHBC’s first priority, as mandated by the BC government, is to protect the public. This ensures clients get the best possible care for the full range of care, including higher risk activities.

Accordingly, the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation outlines the restricted activities that CSHBC registrants may perform. The CSHBC framework for Certified Practice (CP) (formerly Advanced Certification) provides oversight by issuing certificates, for aspects of practice that involve a restricted activity, to qualified practitioners. The renewable certificates provide registrants with independence and autonomy in these areas. Without them, registrants’ ability to practise independently in these high-risk practice areas would be greatly reduced.

Certificates must be renewed during the registration renewal period (typically January to March) in the year they expire. Renewal of certificates is also contingent on holding an Active registration classification and recording a minimum of four CCCs for each certificate.

In accordance with legislation, CSHBC’s CP program ensures that all RAUDs, RHIPs, and RSLPs are appropriately qualified in the performance of high-risk practice areas, including restricted activities that require more than entry-to-practice level competency. For more information, see section 5 of the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation and Part 10 of the CSHBC Bylaws.

The CP program identifies aspects of practice and activities that carry inherent risk. This requires that registrants establish their qualifications before they can engage in such activities in practice.

Certification programs and applications

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