Standards of Practice

Under section 19 of the Health Professions Act, the CSHBC Board may “establish standards, limits or conditions” for the practice of registrants. The College’s standards of practice and associated Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDST) are described in the Standards of Practice.

CSHBC Standards of Practice outline the minimum level of acceptable performance for registrants. The standards are enforceable under governing legislation as well as the core competencies for each profession regulated by CSHBC. There are two types of standards:

Professional Standards

These are statements about levels of personal performance that registrants are required to achieve in their practice. Professional Standards:

Clinical Practice Standards

These are statements designed to guide a registrant’s practice with clients and set out levels of performance that registrants are required to achieve when practicing. The Clinical Practice Standards are complementary to the Professional Standards. Specific practice standards apply to clinical aspects of practice and to certain types of diagnoses, disorders, or conditions.

Core Documents

CSHBC is required to develop standards of practice for all registrants. The standards of practice must be in accordance with the Health Professions Act, the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation, College Bylaws, and the following core documents of the College:

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