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Amended practice hours requirement: 250 hours for each additional registration within a cycle

As part of the major set of amendments to the CSHBC Bylaws that went in force December 7, 2022, the practice hours requirement has been amended.

In addition to the current reporting requirement of 750 practice hours for a primary profession, the amended practice hours requirement outlines that when a registrant is registered as a full registrant in more than one profession, the registrant must also, within the same three-year cycle, practise a minimum of 250 hours in each other profession the registrant is registered in. The required hours reported must be directly related to the profession of each registration.

The current three-year reporting cycle for practice hours runs from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2024. As the amended practice hours requirement for registrants holding multiple registrations is being introduced within the current cycle, CSHBC is prorating the amount of practice hours required for each additional registration for this cycle only.

Registrants can see the number of practice hours they’re required to complete and report by logging in to the CSHBC Registrant Portal. Registrants are also now able to report practice hours already completed, for primary and additional registrations, in the Registrant Portal.

Registrants must complete and report required practice hours and reduce their practice hours balance in the Portal to zero, by December 31, 2024. You are encouraged to report your required practice hours well in advance of the December 31, 2024, deadline.   

If a registrant fails to complete and report the hours required by the December 31, 2024, deadline, the registrant must submit a deficiency plan to CSHBC. Deficiency plans must be submitted, approved, and completed prior to the March 31, 2025, registration renewal deadline. Registrants may also be required to participate in a random audit of their practice hours. 

Completing and reporting practice hours is a Quality Assurance & Professional Practice (QAPP) Program requirement, introduced with June 2020 Bylaw amendments to ensure recency of practice.

The amended practice hours requirement introduced with December 2022 Bylaw amendments now reflects how practice hours are important for both a primary registration and additional registrations.

For more information

Read the amended practice hours requirement in the CSHBC Bylaws.

Read the Practice Hours page, which includes information on who needs to attain the required practice hours, acceptable practice hours, practice hours deficiency, and other information about practice hours.

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