Reserved Titles

Reserved Titles

The following are reserved titles protected under section 3 of the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation:

  • “audiologist”
  • “hearing instrument practitioner”
  • “speech-language pathologist”
  • “speech therapist”

Only qualified health professionals can legally use these titles or the abbreviations “RAUD”, “RHIP”, and “RSLP” in BC. In addition, only qualified health professionals can use these titles as part of any term or description used to describe themselves.

Health professionals who are entitled to use these titles and abbreviations are CSHBC registrants. They have met the College’s registration requirements, including post-secondary education and clinical practicums, and have passed national or provincial registration examinations. They are regulated under the Health Professions Act, the Speech and Hearing Health Professionals Regulation, and CSHBC Bylaws. They must demonstrate continued practice competency and currency and meet Standards of Practice and standards of professional ethics to ensure that they practise safely, effectively, and ethically.

The terms “communication health assistant”, “speech language assistant”, and “industrial audiometric technician” are examples of titles not reserved by law in BC. Any individual, typically practising under the supervision of a CSHBC registrant, may use these terms. These unregulated individuals do not necessarily carry liability insurance and there is no recourse to the College should they practise unsafely, ineffectively, or unethically. Refer to the following for more information about titles and credentials:

Reporting unlawful reserved title use and/or unlawful practice 

Anyone who is aware of a non-registrant unlawfully using a reserved title and/or conducting unlawful practice may inform the College by submitting a complaint to CSHBC. For information, see Making a Complaint About Unlawful Practice & Unlawful Use of a Reserved Title.

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